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Bonjem 1 Kg OPP Hazelnut
Bonjem 1 Kg OPP Coconut
Bonjem 1 Kg OPP Milk
Bonjem 2 Kg Bag Hazelnut
Bonjem 2 Kg Bag Coconut
Bonjem 2 Kg Bag Milk

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Adopting as a principle of adding value to the market with our more than 30 years of experience, Rapsodi Chocolate Candy and Food Co. started to become popular from itself.Our adventure which has started with hard and soft candy manufacturing continues with chocolate and other products in the same speed. Our company aimed at gaining the reliance of the consumer's appeal with our professional stuff by manufacturing with the latest technological and hygenic conditions in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Region. Our company is walking to beter and more beautiful one with the sured steps by continuing to its way with a wide range of products and quality policy. Our powerfull brand products that addressing to the tastes, live the right honour of meeting with the many consumers in all over the world. Our motto is to make the consumer admiration durable without conceding from the quality and service thought. Thanks for your eternal trust and choosing us.



“3. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 83229 Nolu Cadde, No: 13, Başpınar, Gaziantep, Turkey”

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“Göksel MEMİŞ”


“+90 342 337 47 47”

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